Looking Back at GUYS AND DOLLS

…with Costume Designer Jeni Schaefer.

The design for the two Guys and Dolls Hotbox numbers was a lot of fun to design and create.


Our Director Nick Minas wanted to set the show in the late '30s when the original story was written, so this really allowed me to go back to the 1920s for the “Take Back Your Mink” number. We thought about what kinds of costumes would they have in a burlesque stock to pull from in that time period and flappers were a definite option.


For the “Bushel and a Peck” number, we had very little playing area on the stage to add farm-like prop pieces, so we came up with the idea that instead of everyone dressing the same, it would be a lot more fun to create sexy farm animals as well as corn stalks and sunflowers. It was important to Nick and me that the animals not be hokey or look crafty. So, I created a sexy lingerie line of animals and plants. So much fun!

IMG_20190711_130020 (1).jpg