Virginia Stage is dedicated to serving patrons with all accessibility needs. Below are a few of the accessibility programs we offer to make the Wells Theatre a welcoming and comfortable place for the citizens of Eastern Virginia and North Carolina.

Our new state-of-the-art Loop Listening System provides top of the line listening assistance either through headsets available at the box office or directly into personal hearing aids equipped with a t-coil. More information →

ADA Accessible Seating is available for all of our productions located at the rear of the orchestra with easy access for patrons with wheelchairs and walkers. Row M, the rear row of the orchestra, has been fully renovated with larger seats for patrons who may find this amenity more comfortable and suitable for their needs.

The Tazewell Lounge features a brand new Wheelchair Lift that can take patrons into the newly renovated education classrooms on the second floor. This allows us to hold classes, workshops, and performances for all members of our community.

The second Saturday of every performance features a minimum of two ASL Interpreters who translate the entire show in American Sign Language.  ASL Interpreting made possible by The Language Group.

This season, we are offering Open Captioning and Audio Description services for our patrons at the second Saturday matinee.

Large print programs available upon request.

Since 2014, VSC has designated a performance of A Christmas Carol as Theater for Everyone, a performance specially designed as a theater experience for individuals of all abilities (with and without special needs). Patrons are invited to come early and participate in a hands-on exploration of A Christmas Carol in the main lobby. Learn about the show before you see it, from props and costumes to lights and sounds. This show will be performed without complete black-outs and with lower volume levels of some sound effects. Other slight modifications have been made to accommodate the audience.